Large Fire Breaks Out at Sydney Olympic Park

16 May , 2017

Just before 2:30pm on Friday May 12th, a large blaze broke out at Monster Skatepark on Showground Rd, located within Sydney Olympic Park.

Plumes of thick black smoke billowed out over western Sydney. One man aged in his 30s was taken to Concord Hospital for smoke inhalation treatment.

Over 70 firefighters took an hour to control the blaze which saw the evacuation of nearby venues as a precaution.

Initially firefighters were concerned people were inside the building when they arrived, but everyone inside managed to self-evacuate.

Police stated the blaze was an accident, caused by a welder conducting repairs at the venue.

 Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan

This incident is another example of the fact that an unexpected fire can happen anywhere and at any time. Having established evacuation procedures in place is essential to maximising on-site safety for staff, occupants, contractors, and visitors – ensuring that everyone is safely evacuated and accounted for.

For more information on responding to workplace fires and emergency evacuations, contact the First 5 Minutes Team.


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