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Emergency Management Plans

A Property Manager’s Responsibility

Property Owners and Managers are responsible for ensuring their fire safety and emergency response systems are compliant to Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. This includes having an effective Emergency Management Manual, which looks at emergency response procedures for:

  • Reducing the effects of an emergency
  • Preventing personal injuries
  • Protecting against loss of lives
  • Minimising the loss of property
  • Minimising business interruptions

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compliant Emergency Management Manuals

Tap into our deep technical knowledge in emergency response preparedness and entrust us to provide your facility a fully compliant Emergency Management Manual (EMM). Before creating your EMM, we will visit your site to gather the required information.

If you purchase our annual training and compliance package, you will also receive a printable soft copy of the EMM in addition to the bound, hard-copies we deliver to you.

site-specific Emergency Management Manuals

Each EMM is designed to the unique needs of a building/facility. Our EMMs include:

  • Details on building’s facilities and emergency systems (alarms, fire protection equipment, Emergency Warning Intercom System)
  • Emergency response procedures for the Emergency Control Organisation
  • Emergency response procedures for all building occupants


Evacuation Staircase

Management In Use (MIU) Plans

Alternative solutions for maintaining the integrity of fire and safety emergency systems

If your building design incorporates an ‘Alternative Solution’, the building’s Fire Engineering Report may require a Management In Use (MIU) Plan. This document details the procedures required to maintain the integrity of the buildings fire safety systems.

Our specialists can assist building owners, managers and occupiers in developing their MIU to help ensure your compliance with building fire and safety regulations and standards.

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