Risk & Threat Preparedness

Threat Preparedness Training

Be prepared to prevent

Your emergency preparedness strategy must incorporate mitigation considerations, security profiles, training and emergency response

In an emergency time is of the essence, staff and occupants must be made immediately aware of an emergency and understand the appropriate response options. Emergency preparedness must incorporate a holistic approach in which plans, procedures and training are combined to ensure venues are appropriately secured and protected to mitigate risk and threats.

risk and threat preparedness training

We offer a dynamic and engaging experience, delivering training in-person or online via our Live Web-Based Training platform.

All our training programs are aligned within the guidelines of the Australian and New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC) to ensure preventative measures are in place for Hostile Vehicle Attacks, Improvised Explosive Device threats, Chemical weapon concerns and Active Armed Offender attacks.

Bomb Threat

Bomb and Hazardous Substance Threat

This program covers all common types of bomb or hazardous substance threats, which may be transmitted verbally, in writing or in person. Learn how to respond to the reception of a threat and minimise the potential impact.

Personal Threat Response

Personal Threat Response

Its an employers responsibility to make sure staff are fully prepared to manage workplace aggression and violence safely. We provide aggressive behaviour management training to help minimise the impact of personal threats − both in terms of your employee’s physical and emotional well being as well as lost time and productivity.

Armed Reponse

Armed Intruder/Robbery Response

Armed Intruder/Robbery Response training covers planning measures and procedures for before, during and after an incident. Our training will equip people with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively and work towards a positive outcome where nobody gets hurt.

Hostage Response

Hostage/Lockdown/Active Threat Response

This program will equip people with the skills required to quickly assess the type and severity of a threat and to respond appropriately. Help your employees and building occupants to be prepared for hostage and threat incidents, provide them with practical skills and procedures to help maximise their chances of coming out of the situation unharmed.

Suspicious Package Handling

Suspicious Package Handling

Mail-based threats can be received with no warning or communication from the sender. It is essential that staff members know what to do when a suspicious package is received. Having suspicious mail handling procedures in place for such cases is crucial to minimise the impact the threat presents to the facility and its occupants.