Risk & Threat Preparedness

Threat Preparedness Training

Be prepared to prevent

Your emergency preparedness strategy must incorporate mitigation considerations, security profiles, training and emergency response

In an emergency time is of the essence, staff and occupants must be made immediately aware of an emergency and understand the appropriate response options. Emergency preparedness must incorporate a holistic approach in which plans, procedures and training are combined to ensure venues are appropriately secured and protected to mitigate risk and threats.

risk and threat preparedness training

We offer a dynamic and engaging experience, delivering training in-person or online via our Live Web-Based Training platform.

All our training programs are aligned within the guidelines of the Australian and New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC) to ensure preventative measures are in place for hostile vehicle attacks, improvised explosive device threats, chemical weapon concerns and active armed offender attacks.

Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat Management

Bomb threat management training is designed to help people respond to and deal with a threat in accordance with current directions provided by the Australian Federal Police & Australian Standard 3745-2010. Training will help staff assess the level of threat and decide on an appropriate course of action.

Available: In-Person | Webinar

Personal Threat Response

Personal Threat Awareness

Personal Threat training aims to increase the level of individual personal safety awareness in the work environment, public places and online. Learn methods and procedures to decrease risk and increase safety in the unlikely event of a personal threat.

Available: In-Person | Webinar

Armed Reponse

Personal Threat & Robbery Response

Personal Threat and Robbery Response training will equip your staff with the knowledge and experience on how to deal with the event of a robbery. Your occupants will be trained in risk mitigation, robbery causes, considerations, and personal safety in the event of a robbery incident.

Available: In-Person | Webinar

Threat Preparedness Training

Active Threat/Lockdown/Hostage

Provide staff guidance and insight into active threat concerns and appropriate responses to increase survivability of occupants in accordance with Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism. Active Threat recognition and available responses inclusive of preventative lockdown, emergency lockdown and escape, hide, tell are provided in this training.

Available: In-Person | Webinar

Suspicious Package Handling

Suspicious Package & Hazardous Substance

Provide your occupants with the procedures and countermeasures in the handling of suspicious packages, postal devices and hazardous substances. Additionally, discover how to assess the potential threat and based on the information available and decide on an appropriate course of action.

Available: In-Person | Webinar

Hostage Response

Active Threat in Crowded Places

Active Threat Training for Crowded Places provides guidance, appropriate considerations, responses and insight for facility managers, the emergency control organisation, and occupants in active threat concerns, in accordance with Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism.

Available: In-Person | Webinar


Dealing With Irate or Aggressive Persons

Dealing with Irate or Aggressive Persons training aims to increase the level of stakeholder awareness around dynamic threats, whilst also providing guidance in relation to issues and options that may be considered during risk mitigation and contingency planning activities.

Available: In-Person | Webinar