Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Training

Emergency Response Preparedness

We offer a dynamic and engaging experience, delivering training in-person or online via our Live Web-Based Training platform

Delivered by highly experienced and qualified experts, our programs are designed to prepare your occupants for the different types of emergencies, and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to respond safely and effectively. Programs are tailored to reflect bespoke Emergency Management Plans.

Warden Skills

Chief Warden, Warden and Emergency Coordinator Skills

Ensure your Chief Wardens, Wardens or Emergency Coordinators are prepared to take command and coordinate all aspects of workplace emergency response procedures, resulting in the safe and efficient evacuation of building occupants.

Emergency Preparedness Training

Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)

We can facilitate or chair your annual EPC meetings, assist with emergency planning initiatives and record meetings for compliance purposes. Additionally, we can train EPC members on their role and responsibilities under the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

Fire Training

Hands-On Fire Training

Equip occupants with the skills to deal with small workplace fires. Provide your people with the practical experience and knowledge to use fire extinguishers and fire equipment before they get out of control. Training options include VR simulation or real gas-fired (LPG) fire tray.

Emergency Preparedness Training

Evacuation Exercise

An Evacuation Exercise is required annually by Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. First 5 Minutes can administer fire and evacuation training, ensuring all occupants are confident in evacuating the building quickly and safely.

Emergency Response

General Emergency Response Training

Our comprehensive training program focuses on the actions to be taken by all building occupants to ensure a prompt and safe response to any emergency, including fires, bomb and active threats, chemical incidents and terrorism.

Fire Safety Advisor

Fire Safety Advisor Training

This program is designed for people who have been appointed as the Fire Safety Advisor on a QLD site. We provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the QLD Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008.

Tenant Brief Services

Tenant Brief Services

Provide tenants with information and instruction on the basic emergency response procedures and warden skills for their base building. Tenant Briefs are suitable for tenants who are not able to attend group emergency response training sessions, facilities with very low occupancy or facilities with numerous individual tenants (e.g. shopping complex).

SPOT - Black and Orange

General Occupant Training

General facility occupants should have an understanding of your building’s fire safety, fire equipment and emergency evacuation procedures. Our SPOT eTraining platform is a great way to meet your compliance requirements with ease and minimal disruption. Staff simply log on and complete online fire and evacuation response training at the most convenient time for them.

emergency evacuation training

Emergency Coordinator – Health and Aged Care

This program will equip your staff with best practice skills for conducting a lockdown or evacuation according to the facility type and varying level of occupant disability, mobility and dependency. This training is specifically fit for purpose for health and aged care facilities, in full compliance with AS4083-2010: Planning for Emergencies – Healthcare Facilities.

People Gears

Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) – Health and Aged Care

Your ECO is comprised of staff drawn from the facility and is a requirement under AS3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities in conjunction with AS4083-2010: Planning for Emergencies – Healthcare Facilities. This program will provide your Emergency Coordinators and Officers with the confidence to respond to any fire and emergency situation within an Aged Care facility. It includes a site walk and review of your in-house emergency communication equipment.

Trees Fire

Bush Fire Preparedness Training

Bush Fire Preparedness training is suitable for those who live and work in residential situations in, or near, bush fire prone areas. The program covers prevention measures, fire awareness, housekeeping practices and emergency response procedures. We brake the management process into three stages of preparing, responding, and recovery.