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Self-Paced Online Training

Your one-stop online training platform

Whether it be training new staff on general occupant emergency procedures or allowing your ECO team to complete annual required training at their most convenient time, SPOT has it all covered. The platform is designed to cater for staff who are based remotely or in cases where training will need to be postponed due to insufficient staff and failed to comply with AS3745.

All SPOT courses are delivered under 30 minutes with a mixture of interactive visual and audio components, covering all important topics with an assessment to validate training outcome. Once the training is completed, a certificate will be issued and provides records of training for compliance purposes. Users can log on to keep track of their transcript and be able to recap training content at any time.

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General Occupant Training

Appropriate OH&S compliance calls for every Australian Employee to be provided basic first response, fire and evacuation training at induction and periodically thereafter. Expected annually in most workplaces.

The course will cover:

  • Understanding your fire and emergency evacuation plan and diagrams
  • Locating exits, fire doors and fire stairs
  • Raising an alarm and alerting others
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Use of fire extinguisher, fire blanket and hose reel

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Emergency Preparedness

Warden Training

Under AS3745, the ECO team is required to complete Warden Skills Procedures on an annual basis to meet compliance.

The courses will cover:

  • ECO team structure and roles
  • Operating different alarm systems
  • Emergency management process
  • How to operate Fire Indicator Panel, EWIS and WIP
  • Use of fire extinguisher, fire blanket and hose reel
  • Lockdown procedures
  • Evacuation diagram and assembly areas

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Reporting and Management

Complete visibility on training progress

Our SPOT platform makes it easy to ensure everyone is trained at intervals mandated by Australian legislation, regulations, codes and standards. You will have complete access to keep track of your team’s learning progress and purchase annual training directly from the portal via our self-serve checkout.

You can find more information about SPOT in our User Guide.

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