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Fire Warden Training

FIRE Warden Training

Emergency & fire warden training for confident and effective emergency & fire response

In the event of an emergency or fire, you need to know that your Wardens or Emergency Officers are trained to confidently and responsibly assume control of their area and direct staff to safety. With comprehensive emergency & fire warden training in-person or online by First 5 Minutes, this becomes a reality.

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In-Person and Online

Flexible Warden training delivered to suit your organisation

Providing the same interactive learning experience as our traditional in-person training, our Consultants can broadcast warden training programs online live to any device connected to the internet, similar to a video conference. Negating the need to have everyone in the one place at the same time. Everyone can get benefits with our warden training from home.

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Our wide range of fire warden training options create better equipped emergency & fire wardens

At First 5 Minutes we offer more than fire safety training to emergency wardens. Emergency preparedness must incorporate a holistic approach in which plans, procedures and training are combined to ensure venues are appropriately secured and protected to mitigate risk and threats. As such we offer a wide variety of training options, leading to well-rounded emergency & fire wardens for any emergency.

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Who is This Course For?

Specifically designed for the Wardens or Emergency Officers who are required to respond to any type of emergency in the workplace including:

  • Human threats
  • Natural threats
  • Technological threats

Online Warden/Emergency Officer Skills training is usually performed in conjunction with Chief Warden/Emergency Coordinator Skills Training and evacuation exercises to create a competent Emergency Control Organisation (ECO).

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Management In Use Plans

Fully Compliant Training

Tailored to suit the specific requirements of your facility, the course complies with the requirements of

Our highly qualified warden training specialists will provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to fulfill their role as Warden or Emergency Officer. Involving real-life scenarios to suit your site, they will learn the actions to be taken in the event of any type of emergency. We recommend your ECO members take part in training at least every 6 months.
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