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Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

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Emergency evacuation DiagramS

Clear signage for safe and expedient building evacuation

Ensure occupants can quickly and easily get the information they need to evacuate the facility in the event of an emergency. Evacuation diagrams are designed to inform occupants of the evacuation procedures, locations and directions of the nearest emergency exits, fire equipment, assembly areas and emergency contact details.

IN-house design team

Designed, printed and installed to meet your needs

All evacuation diagrams are designed by our dedicated in-house design team, who will meet any bespoke requirements. Our diagrams can have custom branding; they can be printed in almost any size in either landscape or portrait. Printing stock options include laminate, anodised aluminium and polycarbonate. We can also provide display frames and install your diagrams for you. And because we know that sites rarely stay the same, our diagrams can easily be amended at any time following renovations or updates to safety and emergency features.

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total compliance

Do your evacuation diagrams meet the Australian Standard?

Under the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, evacuation diagrams must be reviewed every five years; displayed in conspicuous positions along the evacuation route of the facility; and must be orientated with the layout of the building. Effective Emergency Management Plans and Evacuation Diagrams can:

  • Reduce the effects of an emergency
  • Prevent personal injuries
  • Protect against loss of lives
  • Prevent damage to property
  • Minimise business interruptions