First 5 Minutes

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Leading the way since 1986

Delivering emergency response preparedness services for over 30 years

First 5 Minutes’ substantial bank of knowledge, research and experience accrued over 30 years in the field of fire safety and emergency preparedness is the foundation to our comprehensive and expertly delivered range of services. We help clients achieve complete compliance in accordance to Australian Standards reducing risk to both facilities and occupants.

Maintaining the largest Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) training team in Australia, we deliver a broad range of training services and facility compliance solutions. Beyond fire safety, we have a comprehensive crisis management capability, including bomb threats, personal threats, armed intrusion or robbery, facility lockdown, hostage situations and active threats. Furthermore, we now provide expertly delivered security audit, inspection and consulting services, in accordance with AS/NZ ISO 31000-2009: Risk management – Principles and Guidelines.

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Culture and Values

Working together to develop innovative, client-focused solutions

We aspire to work as one team, individually and collectively accountable for delivering our goals. Our success is underpinned by close client relationships, a service ethos of safety, quality and urgency, and the relentless application of professional standards in all we do.

We value effective, two-way communications with all team members and clients. Our team members trust each other to perform and ongoing professional development is recognised as an important part of our growth and success.