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Emergency Preparedness


Warden handbooks

The warden handbooks are specifically designed as a general guide for your ECO team. All handbooks provide general information on:

  • Development of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)
  • Chief Warden and Deputy Chief Warden duties
  • Types of Emergencies
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Various Active Threat Management Procedures

Warden handbook

Chief warden handbook

Aged care warden handbook

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Greater focus on Active Threat Environment

With the ever-evolving threat environment, read onto our whitepaper and see how it has changed the focus of AS3745:2010 Planning For Emergencies in Facilities.

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Emergency response preparedness & why you need it

Do you know why we need to comply with Australian Standard 3745:2010? Read our infographic to understand what are the requirements and the three components to meet compliance.

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First 5 Steps: Compliance During Lockdowns

Do we still need to comply with Australian Standard 3745:2010 during work from home lockdowns? The simple answer is yes. Read our whitepaper to learn the First 5 Steps to meet compliance during lockdowns.

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Bomb Threat Checklist

What do you do when confronted with a terrifying emergency such as a bomb threat? We created a step-by-step checklist to assist occupants with handling such a situation, so that important details that will be required by your ECO can be recorded.

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Returning To Facilities

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to relax, preparing for the return to facilities from occupants is a concern which has become a major priority for all of us. We’ve prepared this free checklist resource to ensure that you can prepare appropriately for your occupants returning.

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EWIS Operating Instructions

Understanding how to properly operate the EWIS (Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System) is vital for Chief Wardens during emergency situations.

Without a clear understanding of how to operate these vital tools, the likelihood for occupants to come out of an emergency situation unharmed is drastically reduced. We revamped our visual guides to the 2 most common EWIS systems, to help your Chief Wardens better operate these vital tools.

Click here to download the EWIS guide

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Escape, Hide, Tell

What do you do when confronted with an immediate risk or threat? Our Escape, Hide, Tell flyer details the 3 step process that helps individuals quickly determine the safest way to protect their own life.

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Emergency Preparedness


Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan Template

The Australian Standard 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities does specify, a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) should be included as part of a facility’s Emergency Management Manual. But what exactly should be included in a PEEP? Download our template providing an example of what you should include in your PEEP.

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Public Address Announcements Guide

Traumatic incidents can overwhelm a person’s ability to cope. The greater the significance of the incident to a person, the more likely the person is to suffer some effects. We’ve prepared this free flyer resource of Public Address announcements to assist Chief Wardens in guiding occupants during emergencies.

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Fire Extinguisher Types

Ever wondered what the different kinds of fire extinguishers are, and when they should be used? In our master handbook, we provide an in-depth overview on the different fire extinguisher types – their use cases, appearance, contents and more. Ensure that your occupants are never left guessing on which extinguisher they should use in an emergency.

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