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Virtual Reality Fire Extinguisher Training

Full Immersion Virtual Reality

First 5 Minutes is leading the way with our cutting-edge technology driven training solution

Are you confident that in the event of a fire, your facility would know the exact location of the fire extinguishers and how to effectively use them? Virtual reality fire extinguisher training enables hands-on training for scenarios that are inherently unsafe and not possible due to environment or regulatory constraints.


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Bin on Fire in Office

new learning experience

Designed by our own industry experts

Developed in conjunction with one of Australia’s emerging VR leaders, our training considers the chemistry and physics of fires, extinguisher mediums and expected responsive behaviour types. The experience is ‘fully immersive’ where you enter an alternate reality, identify the existence of a fire, decide on the extinguisher type and then use it to extinguish the fire in an appropriate manner.

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Our latest VR partner

FLAIM: Training driven by evidence-based research

We’ve recently partnered with FLAIM, to provide our clients with a state of the art VR experience with access to over 25 scenarios and virtual training environments. Some scenario environments include an office, warehouse, vehicle, kitchen, hospital and residential. The Extinguisher PASS System delivers:

  • Advanced VR headsets with full movement tracking.
  • A completely safe learning environment, with no live fire props or smoke carcinogens.
  • A weighted extinguisher providing a realistic learning experience.
  • Proprietary algorithmic modelling to deliver real fire behaviour in a virtual environment.

The FLAIM solution is currently only available in NSW; our iSenseVR training solution is available across all states.

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Office cables on fire

Training by the experts

Our VR exercise is supplemented by a theory component

Delivered onsite for your convenience, the training will cover:

  • Different types and chemistry of fire
  • Type of portable fire-fighting equipment
  • Identification of different extinguishers
  • Practical fire extinguisher operation

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