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Our in-house specialists can assist building owners and managers to develop a Management In Use Plan to ensure compliance with relevant building codes, regulations and standards. A Management in Use Plan is invaluable for enhancing occupant safety and maintaining the upkeep of emergency prevention equipment.

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What’s included in your Management In Use Plan?

A Management in Use Plan is a comprehensive document that outlines specific maintenance recommendations for installed emergency prevention equipment. It encompasses several key elements, including:

Have a report recorded

Implementation of Suitable Policies and Procedures: Defining and documenting policies and procedures related to emergency prevention equipment, ensuring that they align with safety regulations and standards.

Identify simple objectives

Regular Maintenance and Servicing: Establishing a schedule for routine maintenance and servicing of appliances, alarm systems, plant, and equipment to ensure they remain in optimal working condition.

fire warden training

Training in Safe Equipment Use: Providing training programs to educate building occupants and staff on the safe and proper use of installed equipment, contributing to occupant safety.

Tenant Brief Services

Correct Storage Practices: Detailing guidelines for the proper storage of equipment and materials to prevent hazards and ensure quick access in case of emergencies.

Emergency Preparedness

Good Housekeeping Measures: Addressing practices such as the reduction or removal of excessive fuel loads, maintaining a clean and organised environment to minimise fire risks and hazards.

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When is a Management In Use Plan required?

A Management in Use Plan plays a crucial role in addressing specific Performance Solutions that have been identified as part of a fire engineer report. These are vital for ensuring fire safety and address nominated departures from the building code Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) provisions. Performance Solutions can relate to evacuation of occupants, fire brigade intervention; or limiting fire spread. A Management In Use Plan details the procedures required to maintain the integrity of the Performance Solution.

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