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Webconnect provides peace of mind

Webconnect is F5M’s online compliance management web portal. Purpose-built to provide increased control, consistency, and visibility of your emergency compliance program across each and every site. Keeping track of your AS 3745 compliance is simple and easy, all in one portal with 24/7 access.

Webconnect is complimentary with all F5M Compliance Packages. In short, it is FREE.

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Webconnect Dashboard


Access your sites emergency planning documents, training schedule and reports all in one place.

  • Certifications – Download Emergency Plan Statements to certify your compliance with AS 3745
  • Site Documents and Plans – Review your site’s emergency management plan, evacuation diagrams and other site-specific documents
  • Training Schedules – Check your training schedules for both past and upcoming events
  • Training Reports and Attendance Register– Access and review your site’s report and attendance list post-training
  • Warden List – Access and update your Warden List
  • User-friendly Dashboard – Customisable dashboard to provide a quick overview of all required information for your site

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