Emergency Preparedness During Bushfire Season

20 January , 2016

Recent reports have found that, on average, more than 50,000 bushfires occur in Australia each year. According to the Climate Commission, Australia's climate has been trending toward more bushfire weather over the last 30 years. Research has also shown that bushfires are significantly more deadly and destructive that they were a century ago.

Bushfires have accounted for over 800 deaths in Australia since 1851 and the total accumulated cost is estimated at $1.6 billion. The recent devastation caused by the bushfires in the areas of the Wye River (VIC) and Waroona (WA) are a stark reminder of the rapidly developing danger that bushfires pose. Being properly prepared can make all the difference to escaping the incident unharmed. It is critically important for persons living or working in bushfire prone areas to have an effective emergency evacuation plan in place. This applies to both residential homes and non-residential buildings (such as schools, retail centres, hospitals, office complexes, restaurants, sports centres/gyms, local government facilities, etc.).

Building Managers in these areas are also responsible for ensuring that their current property emergency plans/manuals include procedures for responding to bushfire emergencies - and that their occupants have received the training required to effectively implement those procedures. To meet the needs of clients located in bushfire prone areas, First 5 Minutes offers bushfire preparedness training, as part of our emergency preparedness solutions.

Designed for non-residential properties, the training covers a number of key aspects, including:

1.   Prevention Procedures and Housekeeping Practices

2.   Fire awareness

3.   Emergency Procedures when a threat is imminent

4.   Your Bush Fire Emergency Plan

5.   Communications during a Bush Fire

6.   Interaction with Emergency Services

7.   Sheltering options

8.   Appropriate use of on-site fire-fighting equipment and extinguishers

9.   Use of Static Water Supplies

10. Procedures for after the threat

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