About Us

Since its foundation in 1986, First 5 Minutes has established a formidable track record of success in the fire safety and emergency response training field and is now widely acknowledged as an industry leader.

First 5 Minutes' complete emergency response solutions are designed to ensure that your property is fully compliant with Australian Standards AS 3745-2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities, AS 1851-2012: Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment, AS 4083-2010: Planning for emergencies - Health care facilities, the National Construction Code (NCC) / Building Code of Australia (BCA), Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) regulations and state specific legislations.

Our substantial bank of knowledge, research and experience accrued over the years in the field of fire safety and emergency response is the foundation to our comprehensive and expertly delivered range of services.

Effective emergency response planning and training help reduce the risk of an emergency turning into a tragedy.

Our total compliance solutions are fit for purpose to your requirements to reduce life and fire safety risk at your premises.

Our qualified training specialists deliver effective classroom and hands-on training, to ensure that your occupants are fully prepared for the potential emergencies that are likely to impact on your facility and have the skills to manage them safely and efficiently.

We offer flexibility for clients with our breakthrough Self-Paced Online Training (SPOT) system. The cost-effective SPOT solution can augment face-to-face training and help ensure all staff are trained at the required intervals, and that all necessary records are maintained, while providing unsurpassed flexibility of training times for staff.

First 5 Minutes can take the compliance and reporting tasks out of your hands and offer you peace of mind and a safer place for you, your staff, customers and visitors.

You will be amazed what a difference it makes simply knowing that you are prepared.

This site is dedicated to providing you with information on all aspects of the services offered by First 5 Minutes and the benefits they can deliver, including Fire Warden/Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Training, Emergency Management Plans (EMM) development, Occupant Emergency Response Training, and much more.

Please browse and when you are ready to discuss your fire and emergency response requirements, go to the contact us page to find the relevant First 5 Minutes state office.