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Case Study: iSenseVR Fire Extinguisher Training

iSenseVR Fire Environment

First 5 Minutes works with facilities across all industry sectors including commercial, municipal, health and aged care, stadia and education, assisting with their emergency preparedness training and associated services. Working in partnership we ensure all staff and residents have an understanding and know how to respond in the event of an emergency.

It is imperative for businesses to partner with a vendor that provides ECO training that is current and aligned with relevant standards and regulations. It’s equally important that the provided training is engaging and guarantees learning outcomes.




A new learning experience with iSenseVR: Fire Extinguisher Training

iSenseVR Fire Extinguisher Training

Recently we had a facility manager of a leading Australian Property Management Company come to us asking how can we make training more fun and engaging? Our suggestion was introducing iSenseVR Fire Extinguisher Training into their emergency preparedness program.

Developed in conjunction with one of Australia’s emerging VR leaders, the experience allows you to enter an alternate reality, where you need to identify the existence of a fire, decide on the extinguisher type and then use it to extinguish the fire in an appropriate manner. The training considers the chemistry and physics of fires, extinguisher mediums and expected responsive behaviour types. It equips you with the practical experience and knowledge required to use a fire extinguisher on small fires before they get out of control.

First 5 Minutes delivered iSenseVR as part of the Property Management Company’s National Risk Workshop in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales. All teams were shown and given an opportunity to trial iSenseVR, with a view of improving the attendance at their emergency training events.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


“Today’s session was great. The team thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks again for organising it. Starting to get some good ideas on how best to increase training attendance.”

Operations Manager of leading Property MANAGEMENT COMPANY

Looking for ways to improve your ECO training engagement? Contact us today and let us help you find the best solution for your occupants.

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