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Security Audits and Assessments

Security Audits and Assessments

your Security Risk ADVISER

The security profile of any facility is only as effective as the weakest link

Taking proactive measures such as inspections and audits of a premise, safety systems, plans and procedures go a long way to maintaining a secure facility. Completing a Security Risk Assessment will identify deficiencies in your security and emergency preparedness plan. Additionally they will highlight opportunities to diminish risk through the integration of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) within the safety and security plan.

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Security Risk Assessment Final 004

Security Risk Assessment

Investigation and review of current processes, procedures and protocols

First 5 Minutes has qualified and experienced risk assessors who understand the security environment and importance of safety and compliance. Part of the process is completing a review of physical controls, electronics and technology, surveillance, policy and procedures. On completion we provide a detailed report including a risk mitigation strategy to diminish your risk profile. Our recommendations are in accordance with ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management and HB 167: 2006 Security Risk Management.

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