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Let’s Go Back To Basics

Emergency management planning is a regulatory requirement of Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. An effective emergency management plan helps ensure your organisation is equipped to make urgent decisions about keeping your people, facility and business safe.

In many organisations, demands on property managers and safety officers are increasing. Officers often find themselves taking on extra responsibilities that pull their focus away from emergency management planning. To manage their workload, meet compliance obligations and operate within strict budgets, organisations typically fall into a ‘tick-the-box’ approach that has a limited alignment to their people and facility. Ultimately putting everyone at risk.

Equip your workplace to manage any emergency at any time!

Compliance with Australian standards and regulations is critical. Yet, industry buzz words and jargon have complicated a once simple message. First 5 Minutes takes the complexity out of industry standards and regulatory compliance. By getting back to basics we aim to save you time, angst and ultimately help you care for your people.

AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, states in order to prove compliance, you must provide documentary evidence of the following: a full emergency management plan, records of training with attendance registers and a warden list. First 5 Minutes can take care of all of these requirements for you.

We design and deliver Emergency Management plans that reflect the unique needs of your facility and organisation. Our plans include:

  • Details on building’s facilities and emergency systems (alarms, fire protection equipment, Emergency Warning Intercom System)
  • Emergency response procedures for the Emergency Control Organisation
  • Emergency response procedures for all building occupants

Our Compliance Training program includes the below training events. For each event, we take attendance and provide reporting on the content covered and the skills obtained.

  • Chief Warden
  • Warden Procedures and Skills
  • Facilitated Evacuation Exercise
  • Facilitated Emergency Planning Committee Meeting

All First 5 Minutes clients can access their event attendance registers and reporting via our online program management portal – WebConnect. Our portal allows you to stay on top of your building’s compliance and obtain all your site-specific documents, warden lists and compliance certificates (the documentary evidence you need to meet compliance!)

The F5M Compliance Training program ensures your occupants are fully prepared for any potential emergency that is likely to impact your facility.

Don’t wait till it is too late.

Download our compliance program flyer 

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