Risk & Threat Preparedness

Security Audits and Assessments

Security Audits and Assessments


The security profile of any facility is only as effective as the weakest link

Taking proactive measures such as inspections and audits of a premise, safety systems, plans and procedures go a long way to maintaining a secure facility. Completing a Security Risk Assessment will identify:

  • Deficiencies in your security and emergency preparedness plan
  • Opportunities to diminish risk
  • Opportunities to integrate your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) with your safety and security plan

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Security Risk Assessment Steps

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Security Risk Management Process

First 5 Minutes has qualified and experienced risk assessors who understand the security environment and the importance of safety and compliance.

All assessments follow the below steps and draw from the Risk Management Standard AS/NZ ISO 31000:2009.

  1. Identify all risk and threats within or around your facility
  2. Analyse and evaluate the likelihood of any risk happening
  3. Recommend appropriate risk mitigation strategies
  4. Monitor and review

What’s included in your Risk Assessment?

Physical controls | policy & procedures | surveillance | electronics &technology

Audits are completed by licensed personnel in accordance with the security advisor requirement of each state in Australia. When completing a security risk audit, we take into account the hierarchy of controls where we examine the risk in a layered approach and provide strategies to assist in eliminating the potential risks.

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Physical Controls

Review and recommend the suitable perimeter fencing, entry points and lighting system that could assist in identifying and preventing potential risk. We also review the security team and appropriate training the team have in place.

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Policy and Procedures

A full review on the emergency management plan and procedures that are in place. Ensuring occupants can easily recognise and appropriately respond to any emergency. Without a clear and appropriate plan, people will not be able to act confidently.

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A full review and recommendations on the position and angle of all the CCTV cameras within a facility. CCTV plays two roles in the security profile of a facility; as a deterrent, and as a way of collecting information post-incident.

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Electronics and Technology

Conduct a review on the detective systems that have been put in place in the facility such as visitor management systems. We review the level of data the system collects along with the management policies and procedures.

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