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Activate Portal & Mobile App

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The Smart Way To Manage Emergencies

Are you ready for an emergency event today?

The frequency, scale, and unpredictability of emergency events are increasing and how the event is managed has a direct impact on employees, customers, reputation and regulatory compliance. Every organisation needs a smart, structured approach for managing emergency events, and more importantly the tools to execute a plan under pressure. In today’s landscape, leading organisations are leveraging technology to help manage emergencies and empower their people to make the right decisions under pressure to ultimately save lives.

Online Portal

One Plan | One Team | One Place

We all know that when the pressure is on, paper-based plans are less effective. They are also hard to maintain and keep up to date, becoming almost irrelevant when it matters most during an emergency.

Activate mobile app and online portal is specifically designed to help you manage an emergency. Activate enables greater control and simplified management of your sites and faster coordination, tracking and communication when responding to emergencies.

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EMPOWER YOuR EMERgency teams

Online Portal Features

The Activate Online Portal will provide your organisation with increased control, consistency and visibility of your emergency response program across all sites.

  • Manage each site’s critical information
  • Manage warden team listing and contacts
  • Conduct site based risk assessments
  • Review and schedule your training
  • Access and print your emergency response plans, training records and reports
  • Easily access and manage your emergency response program online
  • Maintain control by knowing what is happening and where
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Complete control in your hands

Mobile Application Features

The Activate mobile app empowers organisations to respond to any emergency, all from their mobile device, providing faster coordination of emergency response team, tracking of activities and management of communications.

  • Initiate emergency events
  • Activate your warden teams
  • Conduct site based risk assessments
  • Access and print your emergency response plans
  • Review and schedule your training
  • Access your training records and reports