COVID-19 Gap Analysis & Risk Register

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COVID-SAFE workplace

Recovery and Return To Work

Safe Work Australia has released COVIDSafe WHS and Emergency Management standards to ensure a safe work environment. All businesses are required to review and if necessary update their emergency plans to reflect any changes made to the workplace due to the pandemic. Our COVID-19 Gap Analysis and Risk Register has been created to support businesses in identifying the areas that require further review along with measuring the likelihood of your business being exposed to COVID-19.

Specifically, our report covers:

  • ECO coverage and responsibilities
  • Evacuation procedures and training
  • Essential services maintenance and compliance
  • COVIDSafe requirements such as physical distancing, health, hygiene and cleaning processes

COVID-19 Gap Analysis and Risk Register

Provide your facility with a fully compliant Emergency Management Plan for the new COVID-19 environment.

As the name suggests there are two components to the COVID-19 Gap Analysis and Risk Register.

Strategic Review

COVID-19 Gap Analysis

One of our expert Consultants will complete a full site review in-person. The review findings are based on AS3745-2010 and Safe Work Australia Recommendations for COVID-19. We look at your Emergency Control Organisation and their responsibilities; Evacuation procedures; Essential service equipment; First Aid; along with COVIDSafe measures such as physical distancing, health, hygiene and cleaning procedures.

Fire Gap Analysis

Risk Register

The Risk Register component considers what could happen if someone in the business is exposed to COVID-19 and the likelihood of that occurring. The register will identify which workers are at risk of exposure; determine the sources and processes causing the risk; identify the kind of control measures that need to be implemented and we will check the effectiveness of existing control measures.


COVID-19 Q&A – Recovery and return to work

Re-watch our Q&A webinar where expert panellists from RiskLogic and First 5 Minutes discuss key considerations for successful Recovery and Return to Work plan, taking into account new operating conditions and COVIDSafe guidelines. Included are recommendations to tackle the threat of cluster outbreaks and workplace considerations at both a strategic and tactical level.