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COVID-Safe Checklist

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COVID-19 Pandemic

What is your plan for the workplace?

While COVID-19 restrictions are relaxing, the Coronavirus still presents a very real threat. Preparing and maintaining a COVID-safe workplace is something all business must consider. Safe Work Australia has recommended we review, and if necessary, update emergency plans where working operations have changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Have you considered how you would deal with a case of COVID-19 in the workplace? Do the changes to your business practices affect your existing procedures in your emergency management plan?

COVID-Safe workplace checklist

Do your emergency plans need to be updated?

To assist in your workplace review First 5 Minutes has created a simple checklist.

Once you have completed our checklist one of our emergency management specialists will be in contact to discuss your results at a time that suits you.

    • Do you have Emergency Management Diagrams on display that comply with AS3745-2010?
    • Are egress paths and Assembly Areas still appropriate accounting for COVID-19 restrictions?
    • Do you have an Emergency Management Manual compliant with AS3745-2010?
    • Does the Emergency Management Manual including your evacuation procedure require COVID-19 procedures?
    • If you have fewer workers onsite, do you have enough wardens?
    • Are your staff adequately informed and trained in emergency procedures?
    • Does the workplace comply with the SAFE WORK COVID 19 Physical Distancing requirements?
    • Does the workplace comply with the SAFE WORK COVID 19 Health, Hygiene & Facilities requirements?
    • Does the workplace comply with SAFE WORK COVID 19 Cleaning recommendations?
    • Would you like First 5 Minutes to complete a full workplace Gap Analysis and COVID-19 Risk Register?