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Out now: The Fundamental Guide to Emergency Compliance

First 5 Minutes is excited to share our latest resource, Emergency Compliance: The Fundamental Guide, available now.

What is Emergency Compliance

The Australian national standard is 3745:2010 – Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. It’s this standard that thousands of organisations and emergency managers need to remain compliant with. But, it comes with difficulties that are unique to each facility and its specific risks.

To be emergency compliant, means to be prepared for the effective and efficient management of any emergency in a facility.

What can I do to get compliant?

In our latest resource, we’ve taken the approach of simplifying and structuring the compliance requirements into a fundamental guide anyone can follow.

To become compliant, your facility must follow the guidelines set out in Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. Our guide will carefully walk you through each step to achieve this.

When it comes to understanding the Australian Standard and emergency compliance in general, we have seen in many cases organisations becoming overwhelmed and lost by the large amount of formal information. Mistakes happen and key requirements for compliance are missed.

To be emergency compliant, means to be prepared for the effective and efficient management of any emergency in a facility.

In our new master guide, we have focused on simplicity and the key areas to compliance that many have struggled with historically. The fundamental guide is designed to help you understand exactly what you need to do to gain and maintain your compliance.

Is maintaining AS3745-2010 compliance legally required?

Facility managers and employers have specific legally binding duties and obligations under the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004; to look after and provide a safe and appropriate environment for occupants.

To help facilities have a roadmap and abide by the act, AS3745-2010 outlines best practice principles manager and employers can undertake. Whilst at times confusing, the compliance is there to help organisations stay safe and legally compliant.

It is highly recommended AS3745-2010 be adopted within facilities to meet their obligations in the delivery of Fire Safety practices to ensure the safety of occupants.

Historically, such access to the knowledge base AS 3745-2010 provides has helped organisations obtain better insurance premiums, stakeholder engagement, and most importantly, respond and recover safely from an emergency.

However, a facility may decide to not follow the standard. But, they must still demonstrate in those instances what they have done to abide by the requirements in the act. Therefore, First5Minutes highly recommends that facilities follow the guidelines set out in AS3745:2010.

Access the materials today

To gain instant access to the full guide, click here.

Fill out the form and gain detailed breakdowns and dozens of insights that will help you optimise your facilities emergency preparedness and remain compliant effortlessly.


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