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How Online Fire Warden Training Works

We all know that the current working from home situation has prevented in-person training from being a viable option for warden compliance training. However, Australian Standard 3745:2010 compliance is still absolutely necessary in the current climate, despite the difficulties organisations are facing. To combat these challenges, online fire warden training is a service that provides the same interactive learning experience as in-person training, made for greater accessibility & social distancing safety.

In this post, we discuss exactly how online fire warden training is structured, delivered and beneficial to sites & occupants.

Structure & Delivery

Self-Paced Online Learning (SPOT)
online fire warden training


Self-Paced Online Learning (SPOT) refers to online courses, available through a unique log-in which can be completed at your own pace. All courses are delivered through an online learning portal and are made up of videos, reading materials & tests to give those receiving the training an indication that they have absorbed the material to the extent required for compliance.

SPOT courses are offered across a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to, warden training, fire safety, extinguisher training, evacuation training and much more. By offering a wide variety of courses, Emergency Control Organisation’s can pick and choose the training which occupants complete to help fill in any gaps in emergency preparedness and risk & threat preparedness knowledge.

All training which is delivered over the online training portal has its progress saved, meaning that any participant can complete their training over multiple sittings without hassle. By giving the option to complete training over a period of time, SPOT acts as a perfect option for training during lockdowns as occupants can fit the training into the gaps of spare time they have during the day.

emergency evacuation training

First 5 Minutes’ online webinar training can be thought of as an online classroom, done in a live environment as though you were in the room. In this setting, all participants join the live training through Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and the trainer acts as the host of the meeting as they present the training in slide form.

Since online webinar training is done live, all participants can communicate with each other as well as the trainer. Participants can decide whether they’d prefer to communicate using their microphone, or by simply typing their message through the chat function of Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This makes communication extremely easy, and the live setting ensures that all questions can be answered as soon as they come up rather than later when they may be forgotten.


  • 100% Flexible

All training can be completed using any device, from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This makes it the perfect option during lockdown periods, where it is far more difficult to bring the team into one area for training. Due to the nature of our SPOT training, saving your progress allows occupants to complete their training in parts when it suits them best.

  • Accessible communication options

In online webinars participants can decide on which method they engage with the trainer, whether that be through their microphone or through text chat, it is much easier to engage with the trainer and get the most out of the session in situations where a question may not be asked if it was a live setting.

  • Compliance guaranteed with recorded attendance

We know that recording attendance can sometimes be a headache, as names can be ignored or simply missed when they were supposed to be crossed off. Online learning solutions overcome this hurdle by automatically making a record of attendance, which can then be exported for use in other ways.

The AS3745:2010 framework outlines a wide assortment of requirements to ensure that your site remains compliant. It can be difficult during lockdowns to meet these requirements, making online learning solutions a perfect fit.

Our web-based online learning solutions are delivered by a team of experts, covering a wide range of topics, and ensure that your site is compliant without completing training in person.

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