Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Inspections

Ensuring Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) compliance can be a complex task, requiring extensive knowledge in multiple areas of safety measures and risk mitigation. To assist you in meeting your Duty of Care, First 5 Minutes offers expertly delivered Workplace Safety Inspections and other services.

The purpose of a Workplace Safety Inspection is to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, that an organisation is providing a safe and healthy working environment for their employees.

First 5 Minutes' Workplace Health & Safety Inspections:

  • Are performed by qualified Consultants.
  • Are low cost, yet highly effective solutions for evaluating the health and safety procedures at your facility.
  • Include an assessment of your workplace's current alignment with the relevant WHS Legislation, Regulations, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice.
  • Cover up to 25 WHS aspects in your workplace, identifying any hazards and risks. We will make recommendations on how best to manage these hazards, therefore reducing the risk of injury to all employees.
  • Identify any gaps or shortfalls in your existing WHS Plan. We will make recommendations on corrective actions accordingly.
  • Take a common sense approach to general observations, to meet performance standards as detailed in the WHS Regulations, Codes of Practice and Building Code of Australia.
  • Include a reader-friendly report, outlining the findings of the inspection and the corresponding recommended actions to be taken to improve health and safety in the workplace.

    How it Works − The Workplace Inspection Procedure

    Prior to the Inspection

    Prior to the inspection of your facility, one of our workplace safety consultants will meet with you (or your nominated representative), where we will ask you to familiarise the consultant with your facility, including your WHS Plan, risk assessments, training records, meeting minutes and other specific WHS issues.

    Inspection Performed

    A First 5 Minutes WHS consultant will perform a full inspection of your facility and your existing WHS Plan and Policies. This will include a review of multiple elements such as; the Means of Escape, Emergency Signs and Exits, Staff Amenities, Welfare, Housekeeping, Policies for First Aid, Trips and Falls, Hazardous Substances, etc. This inspection will be performed in alignment with best practice guide, Australian Standard AS/NZS 4804-2001: Occupational health and safety management systems - General guidelines for principals, systems and supporting techniques.

    Exit Interview

    The purpose of the exit interview is to communicate the key issues identified during the inspection and to ensure our consultant has observed and reviewed all relevant information. The exit interview is also an opportunity for you (or your nominated representative) to ask the consultant questions relating to the inspection.

    A Workplace Health and Safety Inspection can make all the difference to ensuring your facility is a safe environment, helping to protect both your people and property.