Suspicious Package Handling

Workplace security awareness is a subject of ever increasing importance to Australian businesses. Recent worldwide events have highlighted the possibility of security threats to both specific and random targets. As a result, Australia remains on a heightened security alert for threats involving bio-chemicals and explosives.

One area of particular concern is the danger of explosive or chemically harmful substances being delivered via mail or courier service. These types of threats can be delivered with a warning communicated via telephone, email, mail or in person (see Bomb & Hazardous Threat Response Training). However, mail-based threats can also be received with no warning or communication from the sender. It is therefore essential that staff members know what to do when a 'suspicious package' is received. Having suspicious mail handling procedures in place for such cases is crucial to minimise the impact the threat presents to the facility and its occupants.

Training Outline

This training module focuses on:

  • Workplace Security Awareness
  • Indicators/characteristics of suspicious packages & mail
  • Procedures for handling unopened suspicious packages
  • Procedures for handling already opened suspicious packages
  • Reporting suspicious packages
  • Bomb & hazardous threats
  • Chemical & biological threats

Who Should Attend

First 5 Minutes' suspicious package handling is designed for staff members most likely to receive or handle incoming mail (reception, admin and mail room staff). The module can also be supplemented as a training session for members of an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)/Wardens Team, forming part of the Warden Skills Training.


The suspicious package handling module runs for approximately 60-90 minutes. It can also be delivered as part of a half-day Threat Response Training package.

Tailored Solution

As proven specialists in emergency response training, we can customise the training to meet your specific requirements. Speak to us to discuss your training needs.