Strategic Review - Emergency Preparedness

Making sure your facility has the best possible emergency plan and compliance is a continuous process. Your Emergency Management Manual (EMM) and Emergency Response Procedures must be inspected, reviewed and tested on a regular basis if they are to be truly effective in emergencies.

Total Peace of Mind

With First 5 Minutes, you can be confident your EMM is always working for the best of your facility and its people. We will apply our experience and knowledge of the Australian Standards and emergency response planning to ensure that your EMM fully meets your current needs and is 100% compliant. If we identify any gaps or errors, we will work with you to update your EMM to ensure the best possible outcome.

We recommend a full review of your EMM at least every 5 years, as outlined in the Australian Standard AS 1851-2012: Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment – or as determined by changes in your business or facility.

Our Approach

Our experts will review all aspects of your existing EMM – no stone is left unturned. Here are a few examples of issues we cover in the initial inspection:

  • Are there any fire engineered solutions?
  • Does the property have an Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)?
  • Who is the Fire Safety Advisor?
  • What type of alarm system is in place?
  • Which additional emergency types apply to this facility? e.g. cyclones, aircraft incidents etc.
  • Identification and analysis of potential emergencies likely to impact on the facility.

Following the review, we will provide recommendations for improvement and offer advice and services to help implement any changes, quickly and effectively.

Is your Emergency Management Manual due for review?