First 5 Minutes is leading the way with the release of this cutting-edge – technology driven training solution. Be faced with an emergency in a real world scenario.


iSenseVR enables hands-on use training for scenarios that are inherently unsafe and not possible due to environment or regulatory constraints.

Our iSenseVR HOT Fire Training has been designed and developed by our own industry experts in conjunction with one of Australia’s emerging VR leaders. Learn how to use an extinguisher and put out a fire in an alternate environment without the hazards that come from a live fire.

Our training considers the chemistry and physics of fires, extinguisher mediums and expected responsive behaviour types.

Fire Safety Plan

The experience is a ‘full immersion’ one where you enter an alternate reality, identify the existence of a fire, decide on the type of extinguisher to use and then use it to extinguish the fire in an appropriate manner.

Our VR exercise is supplemented by a theory component ensuring you have the skills to deal with small workplace fires quickly and safely before they get out of control.

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