General Emergency Response Training

Are your staff and occupants prepared to handle emergency situations? Our comprehensive training program focuses on the actions to be taken by all building occupants to ensure prompt and safe response to any emergency, from fires to bomb threats.

With our extensive experience delivering emergency response training for facilities across Australia, we can design the training to suit the specific requirements of your site, occupants and emergency system equipment.

Compliant training, delivered by experts

Government regulations require building owners, managers and occupiers to provide their staff or occupants with education and training, so they are prepared to respond to emergencies promptly and safely. This includes all occupants – not just those who are members of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO).

Our training programs are designed to meet the Australian Standards AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities and AS 4083-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Health Care Facilities.

Training outline

We design the training to suit your needs, however it may include:

  • Potential emergency situations
  • Staff fire and emergency response
  • Response procedures in the event of fire
  • Bomb and substance threat strategies
  • Onsite Emergency Response Procedures
  • Roles and responsibilities of site staff/ECO/Wardens
  • Raising an alarm
  • Location of Emergency Exits and Evacuation Assembly Area
  • Location and use of site emergency equipment
  • Types of and use of fixed and portable fire fighting equipment
  • Legislation and compliance requirements

Who should attend?

This training is designed for general occupants of your facility, who are not part of the ECO.


The training session runs between 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your site’s specific needs. We recommend that you run the training at least every 12 months.