Tenant Brief Services

In addition to delivering effective group training for Emergency Response Procedures, Warden Skills, etc., First 5 Minutes also offers Tenant Brief Services.

According to the Workplace Health and Safety Act, persons in control of a workplace must ensure the safety of all persons under their control. This includes the provision of information, training instruction or supervision that is necessary to protect all persons from risks to their health and safety arising from work carried out.

First 5 Minutes' Tenant Briefs provide tenants with information and instruction on the basic emergency response procedures and warden skills for their base building. Tenants are required to pass this information on to their staff/occupants accordingly.

Who are Tenant Briefs for?

Tenant Briefs are suitable for:

  • Tenants who are not able to attend group emergency response training sessions
  • Buildings/facilities with very low occupancy
  • Buildings/facilities that have numerous individual tenants with small workforces (e.g. shopping centres, etc.)


Tenant Briefs typically run for approximately 15 minutes, per brief.

Packages for multiple Tenant Briefs are also available. Speak to us to discuss your requirements.