Emergency Management Manuals (EMM)

Minimise risk and maximise safety in the event of an emergency. First 5 Minutes designs and delivers site-specific Emergency Management Manuals (EMM), comprising specific Emergency Response Procedures for your facility, so you can fulfil your compliance obligations and maximise the safety of building occupants.

Tap into our deep technical knowledge in emergency preparedness and response. Our experts are highly qualified and experienced in developing effective Emergency Response Procedures so that facility occupants can prepare to respond to any emergency situation that may present.

We will work closely with you to put in place an effective EMM, including Emergency Response Procedures for:

  • Reducing the effects of an emergency
  • Preventing personal injuries
  • Protecting against loss of lives
  • Minimising the loss of properly.
  • Minimising business interruptions

Emergency Preparedness to Protect What Matters

Due to the ongoing global political situation, Australia will continue to face threats of terrorism, bomb or other substances in public areas and the workplace. While it’s impossible to prevent these threats and other emergencies completely, building owners, managers and occupiers need to be prepared in order to protect what matters most: people.

With First 5 Minutes, you get the peace of mind knowing that you are working with the proven emergency response specialists who have delivered thousands of plans and procedures for organisations around Australia. Whether you need to implement a fire emergency plan that includes fire protection equipment or you’re interested in an Emergency Management Manual to increase emergency preparedness, we can provide the assistance you need.

Get 100% Compliance

With First 5 Minutes, you know that your building is completely compliant with current Australian Standards. Every Emergency Management Manual we design is devised to comply with the requirements of the Australian Standard 3745-2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities.

Designed to meet your building’s specific needs, fully compliant EMMs include:

  • Information on the building’s facilities and emergency systems (alarms, fire protection equipment, Emergency Warning Intercom System, etc.)
  • Information on emergency response procedures for the ECO (Emergency Control Organisation)
  • Information on emergency response procedures for building occupants