Management In Use (MIU) Plans

If your building design incorporates an “Alternative Solution”, the building’s Fire Engineering Report may require a Management In Use (MIU) Plan to ensure full compliance. First 5 Minutes works with building owners, managers and occupiers to provide individually tailored MIU Plans, detailing the procedures required to maintain the integrity of fire and emergency safety systems.

What is a MIU Plan and why do you need it?

Many buildings now feature ‘Alternative Solutions’, allowing some level of creativity in how compliance (or a compliant building solution) can be achieved. This may require introducing new materials, technologies or methodologies, which may also realise better efficiencies, outcomes and cost savings, whilst still meeting the relevant performance requirement of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The MIU Plan forms part of the alternative solution and must include the building management policies to fire safety, including:

  • How fire protection systems and equipment are properly commissioned, tested and maintained in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and legislations
  • Fire prevention practices, such as reduction of the fire loads in the building
  • How fire hazards are identified and controlled
  • Regular housekeeping, including removal of debris
  • Maintaining clear, unobstructed paths to exits at all times
  • Ensuring smoke and fire doors are closed as appropriate at all times
  • Ensuring building occupants are provided with the required evacuation/fire safety instructions and training
  • Places of safety during an evacuation

The MIU Plan provides guidance to building owners, managers and occupiers of buildings to maintain the safety features as required by statutory requirements and regulatory authorities. Because it is a compliance document, the MIU Plan must remain as part of the management records of buildings.

Plan for compliance

When the requirement is identified in the Fire Engineering Report, our specialists can assist building owners, managers and occupiers in developing their MIU Plan to detail the procedures required to maintain the integrity of their fire safety systems. With expertise across an array of sectors, our specialists will deliver 100% site-specific plans to help you ensure compliance with building fire and safety regulations and standards.