Armed Intruder/Robbery Response Training

In recent years, Australia has experienced an increase in incidents involving armed intruders and/or robbery. With the subsequent rise in security concerns, it has never been more important for building managers, occupants and employees to review the security measures and threat response plans for their premises. Possible motives behind such incidents can include robbery, drug-related crime, political activism, acts of terrorism, etc. The incurred dangers include the possibilities of death, temporary or permanent injury and/or psychological trauma, underlining the importance of armed intruder training for staff.

Nobody Gets Hurt

It is essential that employees/occupants know how to act in a manner that optimises their chances of coming out of the situation unharmed. Our armed intruder training module covers planning measures and procedures for before, during and after an incident, including:

  • Risk assessment and reduction
  • Cash handling processes
  • Staff training
  • CODE A Procedures for responding to an armed robbery
  • How to communicate with Law Enforcement and Emergency Services
  • Crime scene protection
  • Media control
  • Trauma counselling

Our armed intruder response module is designed to equip people with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively and work towards a positive outcome where nobody gets hurt.

Who Should Attend

Armed Intruder/Robbery Response Training is suitable for the general occupants of a building. The module can also be supplemented as a skills training session for members of an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)/Warden Team, forming part of the Warden Skills Training.


Our armed robbery training module runs for approximately 60-90 minutes. It can also be delivered as part of a half-day Threat Response Management Training package.

Tailored Solutions

As proven specialists in Emergency Response Training, we can custom design the training to meet your specific requirements. We can also deliver this course at your site for your convenience or provide a suitable venue. Speak to us to discuss your training needs.

Download Threat Response Brochure for more information.

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