Suspicious Package Forces Evacuation and Lockdown at QLD Shopping Centre

13 June , 2017

On Thursday June 8th, at 9:20am, a suspicious package was found inside Kmart at Caboolture Square Shopping Centre on King St, Caboolture in Brisbane’s north.

A member of the public found a box with wires sticking out in the Kmart change room. The shopping centre’s management alerted authorities and evacuated the building.

Police and the bomb squad arrived quickly, closing the shopping centre and the adjacent, Morayfield Rd, King, Elliot and George Streets.

The package was investigated and determined not to be dangerous. A trained bomb squad dog conducted a sweep and no other suspicious packages were located. The shopping centre and surrounding area was re-opened at 12:30pm.

Active Shooter Preparedness

It’s highly important that everyone knows how to act when a ‘suspicious package’ is found in a workplace. Having response procedures in place ensures the safety for both employees and members of the public.

For more information on security awareness and suspicious package handling training for workplaces, contact the First 5 Minutes Team.

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