Suspicious Package Forces Brisbane CBD Workers to Evacuate

17 May , 2017

On Friday May 12th, at 9:30am, a suspicious package containing an unknown powder substance was delivered to the 11th floor of Trustee House at 444 Queen St, Brisbane.

Upon discovering the package, staff called Emergency Services and immediately evacuated the building.

Police and ambulance crews quickly arrived on-scene. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Scientific Officers arrived and took the package away for further testing. The results are yet to be released.

Paramedics assessed 4 workers at the scene. No injuries were reported and workers re-entered the building at 11:30am. 

Workplace Security Awareness


Workplace security awareness around suspicious packages has become increasingly important in today’s age and political climate.

It is therefore vital that people know how to act when a ‘suspicious package’ is received at the workplace. Having response procedures in place can potentially minimise the impact on both workers and the facility.

For more information on security awareness and suspicious package handling training for the workplace, click here or contact the team.

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