Police Chase Locks Down Childcare Centres in Wyndham Vale (VIC)

25 July , 2016

On Monday July 25th, at around 8am, a Police operation was underway in Wyndham Vale, with officers on the hunt for two alleged burglars.

As a precaution, childcare facilities were locked down and streets blocked off as the hunt was initiated, after a man and woman fled the scene of a burglary.

Victoria Police spokesman Thomas O'Byrne said police found a man and woman at a house in Brougham Ave following reports of a burglary. "The woman has fled the scene in a car, the man fled on foot. Police are currently in the process of locating the persons involved." Mr O'Byrne said.

Heavily armed police appeared to drag a man from a roof cavity and take him into custody after scouring nearby houses in Clitheroe Drive. One mother in Wyndham Vale said her husband and son were almost run over as the female offender raced past while fleeing police.

 Armed Robbery Training

In response to this crime-related incident, Police placed nearby Childcare Centres under precautionary facility lock-down.

This incident is just one example of the many types of threat situations that can pose potential danger to an educational/childcare facility. Knowing how to quickly and effectively implement an emergency or preventative facility lock-down is crucial to occupant safety.

For more information on facility lock-down procedures and other emergency preparedness training visit: www.first5minutes.com.au/services

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