Large Fire at Coolaroo Recycling Factory Covers Melbourne in Smoke

1 March , 2017

On Tuesday February 28th, at about 3:30am, a fire began at SKM Recycling in Maffra Street, Coolaroo, sending black smoke billowing over neighbouring suburbs. It is believed the blaze started because of a mechanical fault, prompting the evacuation of around 100 workers from the factory. There are currently no reports of injury although Ambulance Victoria State Health Commander, Paul Holman, said paramedics treated a man in his 30s for breathing problems. 

“He was treated by paramedics and he improved,” Mr Holman said. “The man wasn’t taken to hospital.”

 Fire Safety in the Workplace

Due to the size of the fire and materials inside the factory, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade put out a watch and act message urging residents in the area to close their windows and stay indoors.

Around 130 fire fighters fought the fire from ground and air which was brought under control several hours later. The Department of Health and Human Services monitored the air quality, with the smoke clearing by 8:30am.

 Fire Safety in Commercial Buildings

Further investigations into whether the business had complied with operational standards are underway. A reminder that is it important to have effective emergency response procedures in place to ensure all workers and occupants in the affected area are safe and prepared in an emergency.

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