FMA Ideaction Oceania 2018

31 May , 2018

This week, First 5 Minutes travelled to Cairns to present at the FMA – Ideaction Oceania Conference. An event which brings together over 200 facility management professionals from across the country each year. The conference theme focused on the rapidly changing environment in which facilities management professionals operate. The conference delivered an extensive program covering four areas – Sustainability & Resilience, Artificial Intelligence & Technology, Diversity & Inclusions and Workplace & Wellness.

Gregory Metzger, Regional Manager at First 5 Minutes, presented in one of the first breakout conference sessions. Gregory discussed the current Australian threat environment and examined the options available to considerably strengthen the preparedness of a facility and building. Reducing both the likelihood and consequences of an Active Threat attack.

Below is a snapshot of how the Australian threat environment has evolved in recent years –

Sep 2014

National Terrorism Threat Advisory Systems rating in Australia was elevated from Medium to High.


Dec 2014

A lone gunman held hostage ten customers and eight employees at a Sydney Lindt Café. There were three fatalities (including the perpetrator) and four non-fatal injuries.


Nov 2015

The Australian government revised the National Terrorist Threat Advisory System to ‘Probable’. Australian Intelligence Agencies have identified that individuals or groups exist within our borders that have both the intent and capability to conduct a terrorist attack in Australia.


Jan 2017

A vehicle was used as a weapon in the hub of Melbourne’s CBD which resulted in the loss of six lives.


Jun 2017

Brighton Siege resulted in one fatality at Buckingham International Serviced Apartments, located in Brighton a suburb of Melbourne.


Aug 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled Australia-New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee’s (ANZCTC) Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism


Dec 2017

A vehicle was used as a weapon at the corner of Flinders St and Elizabeth St in Melbourne, injuring 18 people.


Australia has prevented 14 significant terrorist attacks since 2014 and recorded 5 incidents that have been classified as terrorist attacks during that time. Many incidents are responded to by Law Enforcement and are not motivated by terrorism, but rather a result of a criminal or mental health concern. Irrespective of the cause or concern the response needs to be in line with ANZCTC guidelines.

What can we learn from these recent events? We must be on the front foot and look at the resources available to protect ourselves against the unexpected. First 5 Minutes has a whole host of Threat Response training available to provide facilities with the skills to prevent, identify and respond to an active threat. Your reaction to a threat needs to be dependent on the type of threat and the proximity of the threat. Building managers, as well as occupants, need an in-depth understanding of when to evacuate and when to lock down a building.

Chat to our Sales Team today to find out how to prepare your building or team for an unexpected hostile incursion and learn how to react before the emergency strikes.

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