Car Smashes into Businesses on Swanston St, Melbourne

15 June , 2017

At around 11pm on Tuesday June 13th, a man driving a white Honda CRV went on a driving rampage along Swanston St in Melbourne’s CBD, smashing into two Commonwealth Bank branches and one ANZ Bank branch, before crashing at Crown Casino. The 34-year-old Burwood East man was arrested in the gaming area and was taken to hospital for assessment. The man was known by police and was on bail during the time of the incident. CCTV footage shows a number of pedestrians screaming and running out of the way. With the driver stopping at a pedestrian crossing to allow one person to cross the road safely. Police believe the driver’s intention was not to actually hit any pedestrians.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

This is the second destructive driving attack that has occurred in Melbourne within the past few months, with the first being the Bourke St Mall incident in Melbourne’s CBD earlier this year. This incident highlights the importance of personal safety awareness and facility lockdown readiness, which can help prevent injury and protect lives during a dangerous incident.

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