27 People Injured in Springvale Bank Fire

18 November , 2016

This morning, Friday 18th November, at approx. 11:30am, an on-site fire incident occurred at a Commonwealth Bank branch at Springvale Central, Springvale Rd, South-East Melbourne.

In response to the fire, the building was immediately evacuated. Police immediately closed Springvale Road in both directions, while fire and ambulance crews converged on the scene.  

Paramedics were required to treat twenty seven people for a mixture of burns and smoke inhalation. Six people with serious burns were to taken to Alfred Hospital. Twenty one others, including two children, suffering from breathing problems, were taken to Monash and Dandenong Hospitals and were reported to be in a stable condition.

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The incident is believed to have occurred as a result of a man attempting self-harm.

Commonwealth Bank Australia released a statement confirming the incident; "Our response team is on site, and we are working closely with the authorities and emergency services."

This incident highlights the reality that an on-site fire or personal threats incidents can occur anytime and at any place. Developing and implementing response procedures for the different types of emergency scenarios will minimise the risk to occupants and property.

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