Gap Analysis

Fire safety doesn’t stop once the building is complete; it is an ongoing responsibility for Facility Managers and Owners to make sure your facility is 100% compliant with current Fire Safety Standards, Codes and Regulations.

Our Safety Gap Analysis is proven to identify and address any deficiencies, giving you the up-to-date information you need to maximise fire safety in the workplace.

Keep Pace With Fire Safety

Fire safety never stands still. Industry bodies are continually reviewing and revising the standards to reflect changes in the way we live and work. The chances are that, while your existing facility was in compliance at the time of construction, it may now have critical gaps in its fire safety systems, or safety information may now be out of date. You may not see them now, but in the event of a fire, these shortcomings can quickly put occupants’ lives at risk.

Our Fire Safety Gap Analysis is the best way to ensure compliance with the most up-to-date standards and legislation, including:

  • National Construction Code / Building Code of Australia
  • Relevant Australian Standards
  • State-based building fire safety regulations
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations

Uncover the Gaps

A gap analysis of your health and safety management system is conducted by our highly qualified consultants, who have years of experience in Safety and Emergency Response. Following a full investigation and safety gap analysis of your facility, we will provide a comprehensive report describing the facility's existing fire safety systems – including the Emergency Management Manual (EMM), Evacuation Diagrams, Response Procedures and Occupant Training – and comparing each element with current legislation and standards. This proven process will clearly highlight any gaps in your systems.

We will also provide recommendations to achieve compliance against all relevant fire safety regulatory requirements and provide occupants with the highest level of fire safety.