Fire Safety Audit

Take the right steps to make your facility fully compliant and safe for occupants. With our proven auditing processes, fire safety training and highly experienced consultants, First 5 Minutes ensures your fire and life safety issues are properly identified, addressed and managed.

100% Fire Safety Compliance

If you own, operate or manage a building – whatever its size – you have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person in that building in the event of a fire or an emergency. Fire safety compliance can mean the difference between a small controllable fire and a devastating blaze.

Your Fire Safety Audit will be structured in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4655-2005: Fire Safety Audits. Our fully qualified consultants will conduct a detailed investigation and review of the site-specific fire safety features against required criteria of the current fire safety regulations and standards, including:

  • National Construction Code / Building Code of Australia
  • Relevant Australian Standards
  • State-based building regulations
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations

Maximise Fire Safety

Our audit will look at your existing fire safety plan, highlight potential fire risks around the facility, and help determine the best fire protection solution . At the end of the fire safety audit, we provide you with a written report (see example below) detailing any shortcomings in current Fire and Life Safety Management Procedures. Our experts will also provide best practice guidelines and recommended actions to achieve full compliance with the relevant standards and regulations.

Fire Safety Audit