Evacuation Exercise

All building occupants must participate in an Evacuation Exercise as required by Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. The aim of an Evacuation Exercise is to determine the effectiveness of the Emergency Response Procedures in the Emergency Management Manual (EMM).

Test Your Evacuation

Don’t wait until an emergency happens to test your evacuation procedure. First 5 Minutes can implement fire and evacuation training for your site, so you can be confident your staff can evacuate the building quickly and safely.

First 5 Minutes will be on hand as your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) carries out the emergency or fire evacuation training. We provide a briefing session, with wardens (and staff if applicable) to describe the scenario and procedure, before the exercise. Then we will observe the Evacuation Exercise and identify ways to improve. Afterwards, we will hold a detailed debriefing session with members of the ECO, so your wardens have the opportunity to discuss the process with our highly qualified experts.

We will also provide your Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) with a comprehensive Evacuation Report, including the performance of the exercise and any recommendations, observations and areas for improvement.


The Evacuation Exercise will run for approximately 60 minutes, including pre-brief and debrief.

Training Outcomes

The Evacuation Exercise training will:

  • Test the Emergency Response Procedures (ERP)
  • Identify any deficiencies
  • Observe and test the knowledge and skills of wardens
  • Ensure your procedures meet the requirements of AS 3745-2010 and legislation enacted in the Commonwealth, States and Territories

Who Should Take Part?

All building occupants are required to participate in the exercise under the guidance of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)/Wardens.

Continuous Compliance

First 5 Minutes will work with you to ensure you meet your requirements to undertake Evacuation Exercise training on a regular basis. Fire and evacuation training should be performed at least once every 12 months and performed in conjunction with Warden Skills Training and EPC meeting facilitation.