Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)

Bring in the experts and make sure your Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) is fully prepared to oversee emergency management at your site.

First 5 Minutes’ team of highly qualified emergency planning experts can facilitate/chair your annual EPC meetings, assist with emergency planning initiatives and record meetings for compliance purposes.

Additionally, our team can train your EPC members to familiarise them with the role and responsibilities under the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities.

Our EPC meeting facilitation is usually performed in conjunction with First 5 Minutes' Warden / Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Skills Training and Evacuation Exercises, to ensure your facility has a 100% compliant solution.

What is the Emergency Planning Committee?

The EPC is required under the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities. Your EPC must comprise at least two people, who are representatives of stakeholders in your facility. One of these members should be management – unless the facility is owned or occupied by a single person, in which case the EPC may be the sole owner/occupant.

At least one member of the EPC must be a competent person, as defined in AS 3745-2010: Clause 1.4.5.

In most facilities, the Emergency Planning Committee is made up of:

  • Senior management
  • Tenants
  • Chief warden
  • Specialist facility personnel e.g. maintenance engineer
  • Occupant with a disability, where possible

While First 5 Minutes should not be a member of your EPC, we can facilitate/chair your EPC meetings and can provide the experience, expertise, skills and tools to help your EPC and ECO remain 100% compliant.

Empower Your EPC for Success

The Emergency Planning Committee is responsible for ensuring your facility has the best possible emergency planning in place. Our experts are on hand to help your EPC fulfil its critical duties, which include:

  • Developing and implementing an effective and fully compliant Emergency Management Plan
  • The implementation of a fully compliant Emergency Management Manual (EMM) and ensuring it is immediately identifiable and available to all appropriate persons
  • Establishing an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to operate in accordance with the EMM and ensuring members receive the necessary training for their roles
  • Ensuring resources are provided to enable the development and implementation of the Emergency Management Plan e.g. time, finance, equipment and people
  • Nominating the validity period for the EMM (it should not exceed 5 years)
  • Reviewing and testing the emergency response procedures at least annually to make sure they remain viable and effective

Compliance and Reporting Made Easy

First 5 Minutes can help you meet strict compliance requirements for EPC meetings and records. According to AS 3745-2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities, your EPC is required to meet at least annually or more often as needed. In addition, you need to ensure a record of EPC meetings is made and retained in accordance with the relevant legislative requirements. This may include minutes of meetings, communications, financial position, reports and specialist advice.

Our experts can upload and retain records from your Emergency Planning Committee meetings onto F5M Webconnect, our online compliance management and reporting portal, so you can access them quickly and easily for audits and site checks.