Emergency Control Organisation Training

Is your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) prepared to act? Make sure every member has the skills and knowledge they need, with tailored Emergency Control Organisation training solutions provided by First 5 Minutes.

We provide professional training for all levels of the ECO, giving them the competency and confidence to undertake the duties set out in the Emergency Management Plan for the building.

Who is Emergency Control Organisation Training For?

Under the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities, an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) must be established to facilitate the safe and orderly implementation of the emergency response procedures, including the evacuation of the occupants from the building. On declaration of an emergency, the ECO is responsible for implementing the emergency response procedures in line with the Emergency Management Manual (EMM).

The ECO is a structured group of employees in key roles, as deemed necessary by the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC), to implement the Emergency Management Plan, in full compliance with AS 3745-2010. This may include:

  • Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden and Emergency Coordinator
  • Communication Officer
  • Floor/Area Wardens
  • Wardens/Emergency Officers

With such crucial responsibilities, these employees must be provided with the necessary training to understand how to best operate as part of the ECO and carry out their duties in the event of an emergency, while meeting Australian standards for emergency control.

Fully Compliant Emergency Control Organisation Training

We have designed our ECO training to comply with the requirements of AS 3745-2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities and AS 4083-2010: Planning for emergencies in healthcare facilities.

Delivered by our highly qualified specialists, the course covers the required competency for each ECO member to implement and coordinate the established Emergency Response Procedures, including:

  • Alerting and reporting potential workplace emergencies
  • Evaluating the need to evacuate a work area
  • Preparing for an evacuation
  • Assisting people in accordance with the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

Participants will take part in extensive practical exercises on managing and controlling workplace emergencies and evacuations.

Expert Tailored Solutions that Comply with AS 3745-2010

With a proven track record in emergency response training for Australian organisations, First 5 Minutes can tailor the ECO training course to suit your unique needs and facilities. And our support doesn’t stop at training – we can also advise on Emergency Control Organisation structure and attend ECO meetings to provide specialist input and support on Emergency Response Procedures.

Remember, the ECO must receive training at least every 6 months – speak to us about scheduling your Emergency Control Organisation training in advance.