First 5 Minutes Managed Compliance Service Plans are designed to help you ensure your property achieves and maintains full compliance with the relevant OH&S Legislation, State Regulations, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice. Our compliance management services can help you maximise safety and mitigate risk for ongoing peace of mind.

First 5 Minutes’ Managed Compliance Service Plans

We will work with you to establish and implement your Managed Compliance Service Plan, comprising the key mandatory elements such as the regular delivery of Emergency Control Organisation/Warden Team training, Emergency Management Manual (EMM), and Evacuation Diagrams/Signage, etc.

We will also provide you with a range of additional services, features and compliance solutions, exclusive to clients with an established Service Plan, as outlined in the below table:


•    Access to a wide range of regulatory and specialty training
•    Access to high-quality, fully compliant emergency preparedness design services (Evacuation Diagram design, etc.)
•    Ongoing technical advice and support in regards to compliance requirements (legislation, regulations, standards), Fire Safety, etc.X
•    First 5 Minutes account management services, including:X
      >    The scheduling of all training events – ensuring all events are scheduled and confirmed in a timely manner and to compliance requirements.X
      >    Notifications to wardens on upcoming training sessions (via F5M Webconnect).X
•    Warden Register management services:X
      >    First 5 Minutes will upload clients’ warden register to F5M Webconnect as part of our account management services.X
      >    We also provide clients with access to directly update their warden register and records in the system.X
    Access to online compliance management and reporting via F5M Webconnect, delivering the following features and benefits:  
      >    Instant and full transparency of a building’s current compliance status.X
      >    User-friendly report generation.X
      >    24/7 Access to all site accounts, on a permission based system.X
      >    24/7 Access to compliance documentation such as insurance and SWMS.X
      >    Storage of, and 24/7 access to site compliance documentation such as Emergency Management Manuals (EMMs) and Evacuation Diagrams.
      >    Training report generation.X
      >    Current warden list and historical record of sessions attended.X
      >    First Aider notation.X
      >    List of wardens by category and location (floor or area).X
      >    Indication of non-conformance issues. X
      >    Record of past and future training events.
      >    Upcoming training event guideline.X
      >    User-friendly ‘Help’ function for every page.X
      >    Access to F5M Webconnect Knowledge Centre.X

•   First 5 Minutes Certificate of Compliance – certification of a building's emergency preparedness compliance.
      Submittable (when required) to insurance companies, legal entities, etc.



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