Hazardous Substance & Bomb Threat Training

In Australia today, it’s never been more important for building managers and occupants to be prepared on what to do if a hazardous substance or bomb threat happens at their workplace or premises.

Equip your people with the knowledge and skills needed to respond safely and effectively in the event of a threat incident. First 5 Minutes provides expert-designed hazardous substance and bomb threat training on how to help save lives, minimise business interruption and prevent damage. We deliver Bomb and Hazardous Substance Threat Response Training to all common types of workplaces/buildings and across multiple industry sectors, including Commercial, Health and Aged Care, Government and Municipal, Industrial, Retail and Leisure. This training is especially important for those facilities which are most at risk of receiving a bomb or hazardous substance threat, including government buildings, financial institutions, politician offices, airports, airline companies, universities and sporting arenas.

Expert Bomb Threat Training, Best Practice Results

Designed and delivered by our experienced specialists, Bomb & Hazardous Substance Threat Response Training will prepare building occupants and staff members on how to minimise a bomb threat or hazardous substance threat at their facility.

Our training covers all types of bomb and hazardous substance threats, including threats transmitted verbally (by telephone), in writing (mail and email) or in person. We provide detailed guidance and best practice procedures on how to react, assess and ascertain what actions are to be taken in the event of a threat.

Helping You Implement Better Bomb Threat Procedures in the Workplace

Our training focuses on:

  • Understanding why bomb or substance threats occur
  • Implementing bomb threat procedures in the workplace for correctly responding to threats
  • Staff roles and responsibilities
  • Awareness of the building emergency procedures and bomb threat evacuation procedures
  • Reporting and communication

Who Should Attend?

Bomb & Hazardous Substance Threat Response Training is suitable for the general occupants of a building. The module can also be supplemented as a training session for members of an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)/Wardens Team, forming part of the Warden Skills Training.


This training module runs for approximately 60-90 minutes. It can also be delivered as part of a half-day Threat Response Management Training package.

Tailored Hazardous Substance and Bomb Threat Training Solutions

As proven specialists in emergency response training, we can custom design our hazardous substance and bomb threat training to meet your specific requirements. We can also deliver this course at your site for your convenience or we can provide a suitable venue. Speak to us to discuss your training needs.

Download Threat Response Brochure for more information.

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