F5M Partners with Sine to Deliver Site Visitor Management Solutions

6 April , 2016

<p>Many businesses rely on paper-based sign-in books for onsite visitor and contractor management. Unfortunately, such out-dated systems fail to provide the level of real-time visibility and streamlined induction tools required for mitigating risk in the modern workplace.</p><p>Upgrading to a digital solution can offer substantial benefits, including; streamlined contractor induction processes, enhanced information sharing, remote record accessibility, increased transparency and decreased onsite risk.</p><p>First 5 Minutes has partnered with Sine Visitor Management Software, to meet the specific needs of clients seeking solutions for better site visitor management. Working closely together, we have delivered cost-effective solutions to a number of First 5 Minutes clients - who are now experiencing the multiple benefits of upgrading to a modern system.</p><p>Designed for front desks and contractor registration points, Sine&#39;s user friendly, digital solution provides facility managers with:</p><ul><li>&gt; A paperless, cost effective, streamlined management system</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; Better onsite risk management</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; 24/7 immediate access to real-time tracking of site visitors and contractors </li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; Remote access to all information via easy-to-use mobile device applications</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; One central system for all flows to your site</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; A tool for displaying First 5 Minutes evacuation diagrams to ensure all visitors and contractors understand the entry risks at the site</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; Immediate notification on the arrival of visitors and contractors</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; A customisable system for capturing everything from contact information and visitor photos, to purpose of visit</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; Customisable entry forms to cover off all your entry processes</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; Pre-registration of visitors and contractors</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; Monitoring of time and attendance</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; Improved induction processes</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; Visitor badge printing option</li><li>&nbsp;</li><li>&gt; Powerful reporting tools.</li><li></p><p>In partnership with First 5 Minutes, Sine is offering a special discounted package price - exclusive to First 5 Minutes clients. Details on this special offer can be viewed at: <a a="" href="http://www.sine.co/F5M">www.sine.co/f5m</a><p>To provide clients with a live preview of the system, the offer inlcudes an obligation free 2 week trial period. Alternatively, system demonstrations can also be scheduled with a Sine Consultant.</p><p>For more information on Site Visitor Management Software visit: <a a="" href="http://www.sine.co">www.sine.co</p></li></ul>

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